Paul Whelan calls on Biden to treat his case as ‘he would do if his own son were being held hostage’

“As the United States celebrates another year of independence, America should not forget that several of its citizens are being held hostage around the world by rogue regimes intent on exacting some form of ransom from the US government. These wrongful detentions undermine our concepts of rights and freedoms.

“You kind of get used to these holidays going by and you try not to mark every holiday that you miss. But it’s difficult because this would be a day that there would be parades, there would be firecrackers, there would be music on the White House lawn, there are concerts. There’s all sorts of things that I would have either paid attention to on television or gone to in person or participated with friends and family,” he said. 바카라 바카라하는법 바카라규칙

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