10 years on, parents of Chinese passengers on MH370 are still asking: what happened to my child?

BEIJING (AP) — Ten years on, the families of Chinese passengers who disappeared on board a lost Malaysia Airlines flight still are searching for answers.

On Friday, a few dozen relatives of the passengers met officials at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing as part of their long journey for answers. They also visited the Malaysian Embassy to present their demands. Even after such a long time, the wound remains raw for many of the families.

The majority of the plane’s passengers, 154, were Chinese.

Among the families were elderly parents who lost adult children.

“Where did the plane go? Where is the person?” said Li Shuce, who lost his son on the flight. “If he’s alive I want to see him; if he’s dead, I want to see his body.”

Li was surrounded by police, who were managing the crowd in front of the building where the families met government officials. They corralled journalists behind a barrier made of ropes and a whiteboard.

Later, the families went to the Malaysian embassy in Beijing where they chanted in front of the building, “Malaysia, return my loved one! Without seeing them, we won’t give up.”

Gao and her husband belonged to a generation that could only have one child because of China’s one-child policy, which has since been relaxed.

Gao said she has forced herself to carry on living for her family. 바카라 슬롯머신 안전공원

“How could I give up? If I don’t stand up, how can I face them? When you meet these type of situations, you have to act for yourself, you have to be strong.”

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