Activists in UK court after soup tossed at Van Gogh picture

LONDON – Three environment activists showed up in a London court on Saturday on charges of criminal harm after fights including tossing soup over Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting in the Public Exhibition. Two ladies, age 20 and 21, were charged comparable to the soup-tossing fight on Friday, while a third was charged over paint splashed on a pivoting sign at the Metropolitan Police’s base camp in focal London. The three ladies argued not blameworthy to criminal harm at Westminster Judges’ Court during two brief hearings Saturday.

Demonstrators from environmental change fight bunches Annihilation Resistance and Stop Oil, which needs the U.K. government to end new oil and gas projects, organized a progression of fights in London on Friday. Stop Oil said activists unloaded two jars of tomato soup over the Van Gogh oil painting, one of the Dutch craftsman’s most notorious works. The two nonconformists additionally stuck themselves to the display wall.

Examiner Ola Oyedepo said the pair didn’t hurt the oil painting, which was covered by a glass defensive case, however harm was caused to the edge. The canvas, one of a few forms of “Sunflowers” that Van Gogh painted in the last part of the 1880s, was cleaned and gotten back to its position in the Public Exhibition on Friday evening. 안전놀이터

Police said they made approximately 28 captures comparable to Friday’s fights, and 25 others were bailed awaiting additional examination. On Saturday, police captured a further 26 individuals after Stop Oil dissidents obstructed a significant street in east London. A few demonstrators stuck themselves to the street surface. 신규사이트

Stop Oil has drawn consideration, and analysis, for their troublesome strategies, incorporating focusing on works of art in galleries. In July, activists stuck themselves to the casing of an early duplicate of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Dinner” at London’s Illustrious Foundation of Expressions, and to John Constable’s “The Roughage Car” in the Public Exhibition. 슬롯머신

The most recent flood of exhibits came as State head Liz Support ‘ Moderate government opened a new permitting round for oil and gas tasks in the North Ocean and switched a 2019 prohibition on deep earth drilling in Britain. Tree huggers say the U.K. government was sabotaging the battle against environmental change. 안전공원

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