Airbus, Air France Face Criminal Preliminary Over Rio-Paris Crash

the German casualties in the accident of the Rio-Paris Air France flight AF 447, Thibault de Montbrial, answers media preceding the preliminary of Airbus and Air France organizations, at the Paris town hall, in Paris, Monday, Oct. 10 , 2022. Airbus and Air France go being investigated on homicide accusations Monday over the accident of a Rio-Paris trip in 2009 that dove into the Atlantic in the midst of rainstorms.

The mishap kiled every one of the 228 individuals on board and prompted changes in air wellbeing guidelines.
In any case, the casualties’ families consider the actual preliminary to be significant after their long journey for equity, and avionics industry specialists see it as huge for learning examples that could forestall future accidents. 슬롯게임

Laborers dump flotsam and jetsam, having a place with the crashed Air France flight AF447, from the Brazilian Naval force’s Constitution Frigate in the port of Recife, upper east of Brazil, June 14, 2009. It was the most awful plane accident in Air France history, killing individuals of 33 ethnicities and having enduring effect. 메이저놀이터

It prompted changes in air wellbeing guidelines, how pilots are prepared and the utilization of velocity sensors.
The organizations’ “picture, their standing” is in question, said Philippe Linguet, who lost his sibling on Flight 447. He communicated trust the preliminary would uncover the shortfalls of Airbus and Air France two key part in the business and in the French economy to the world.

Daniele Lamy, who heads a relationship of casualties’ families, said they are preparing for a troublesome preliminary. 신규사이트

“We must sadly remember especially agonizing minutes,” she said. However, she called the preliminary a welcome an open door after investigators at first looked to close the case. 슬롯

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