‘Beatlemania’ from the perspective of Paul McCartney

“You could feel that this was horrible, that it was excruciating, and that we felt like creatures in an enclosure,” McCartney wrote in the book. “I can represent myself, yet I didn’t feel as such. This was the kind of thing we had without exception needed, so when it really worked out, when the mounted police officers kept down the groups outside the Court (Lodging), I felt like we were the stars at the focal point of an extremely thrilling film. 온라인슬롯

“Also, beneficially, there was never any vindictiveness. Individuals pursuing us simply needed to see us, simply needed to say hello, simply needed to contact us.” 안전공원 안전놀이터

They kept shooting scenes — and recording tunes — for their presentation film “A Hard Day’s Evening,” which debuted in July 1964, soon after McCartney turned 22 years of age. They started a 27-day world visit that remembered stops for Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and New Zealand. They got back to the US in August for a 30-show crosscountry visit.

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