Blackswan: The K-pop girl group with no Korean members

“When they constantly say, ‘No, it’s wrong. Do it again.’ It was frustrating,” says Nvee, who studied musical theatre and acting.

Gabi performed in a cover dance group back home in Brazil – so she thought dancing would come easy.안전놀이터

“When I came here, oh my god, [I realised] I didn’t know anything about dance,” she says.신규사이트

Trainees also live together in a dorm and are restricted from going out and dating. They are also told to lose weight and need to look perfect. Any type of scandals are not permissible – as the Korean public hold celebrities to high moral standards.슬롯머신

Freelance casting director In Ji-woong, who has spent eight years as a choreographer for K-pop groups, says he has heard of foreign trainees escaping from their shared house to go clubbing. Their managers were “urgently deployed” to bring them back.

Mr Yoon admits it is a challenge to work with international trainees: “They often question the rules and are very straightforward.”

The rigidity of training and the hyper-competitiveness have also led to a mental health crisis in the K-pop industry.

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