BTS Are Back With New Music, And Their Music Video For “Yet To Come” Is Nostalgic

On Friday, Korean megastars BTS delivered another treasury collection and a music video for the fundamental single “On the way (The Most Beautiful Moment).”

Fans had been long anticipating the delivery, and they were compensated with numerous signs and references to previous minutes all through BTS history for ARMY to pore over in the new video. 슬롯머신

Of the 48 tracks on the three-plate collection, only three, including the principal single, are pristine. The rest have been remastered, and many are accessible on streaming stages interestingly.

In a public statement, one of the rappers of the gathering, Suga, said that they painstakingly picked the request for the melodies on the collection to recount a story. 슬롯 하는법

“We are regarded to catch our nine-year venture in this collection,” he said. “Standing by listening to the collection will follow you back in memory and the ways BTS have strolled.”

RM, the head of the gathering, said, “Confirmation is an extraordinary collection that shuts the primary part of BTS prior to going into our tenth year. We particularly focused harder on the verses as our message to our fans, ARMY who have been with us for a very long time, is the way in to this collection.”

You can pay attention to a Twitter Spaces we recorded on Friday checking on Proof. 온라인슬롯

In the music video for “On the way (The Most Beautiful Moment),” the BTS individuals stand in a desert, joined by a lot of self-referential things that might look natural to ARMYs.

We’ve gone through the video and attempted to reference every one of the minutes in past BTS tunes and recordings that it honors.

To start, this seating development toward the beginning of “On the way (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is practically indistinguishable from the one from “Only One Day,” which was delivered in 2014.

This merry go round, with the words “you never walk alone” composed on it, showed up first in “Spring Day,” which was delivered in 2017.

This next second seems to reference two past recordings. The heavenly messenger sculpture that Jin approaches while, first and foremost, sitting on a pickup is a return to “Blood, Sweat and Tears” from 2016. Nonetheless, the vehicle he is perched on has all the earmarks of being a reference to the one utilized in the video for 2015’s “Run.”

This notorious freight compartment that restores each rebound has really made it into the music video.

For setting, ARMY has been fixated on attempting to unravel the number on this freight holder, 20219, since its appearance in BTS’s video Run. Did it mean something could be occurring in 2019 or 2020, or did the numbers should be amounted to discover some confidential?

Stan Twitter has not been very still since this freight compartment showed up, so ideally its appearance here provides fans some sense of finality.

This time around, it’s anything but a thing but instead a recognizable motion. V did this in the “On the way” video and furthermore in the “Spring Day” music video.

The most notable thing in the music video — beside BTS themselves, clearly — is the yellow school transport. 안전공원

It isn’t precisely the same one, since now it has a few crazy stripes, yet a yellow transport originally showed up in BTS’ debut music video, “No More Dream,” almost 10 years prior.

Lastly, Suga had a piano that, for once, was not ablaze and on second thought was encircled by blossoms.

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