Freddie Mercury’s London residence lists at £30m

Mary Austin remembers the first time she saw Garden Lodge. She was accompanying her friend Freddie Mercury as he was house-hunting in London in 1980.

“Freddie went outside and said, ‘Tell them to take it off the market. I’ll give them the asking price now,’” she says.

“It was really only ever my house in name only,” says Austin, her voice full of emotion. “I had worked on the house with him and for him, and it will always be his. It was his dream, it was his vision.”

“He couldn’t get the decorator to match the ideas that he had in his head, so he had to do it himself,” says Austin, adding that Mercury did a design with pinks, greens and yellows on the wall.

Austin says she didn’t go to all of his parties but remembers a hat party that was in her words “a little full-on.”

When Mercury bought the home, it was owned by a member of the prestigious Hoare banking family. Before its citrus-yellow makeover, the dining room was where they kept their safe.

Prospective buyers should contact Paddy Dring or James Pace at Knight Frank for exact details of the property. Layouts, square footage and the size of the lot were not shared by the agency and are not being made available to the public for privacy reasons, they say. The listing itself is not being put online. 안전놀이터 신규사이트 슬롯머신

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