Greta Thunberg deletes ‘I stand with Gaza’ social media post after critics claimed stuffed octopus in photo could be viewed as an ‘anti-Semitic’ symbol – as she says the toy …

John Aziz, who describes himself as a British-Palestinian musician, said: ‘Greta Thunberg called for a ceasefire, but did not call for the release of the innocent Israeli hostages.

‘The world is already forgetting the terrible crimes of October 7th that caused this war.’

Others called her an ’embarrassment’ and ‘an opportunist’.  

Tamar Schwarzbard, head of digital operations at Israel’s foreign ministry, wrote: ‘Hamas missiles aren’t made of sustainable materials. 

‘They also murdered teenagers who could have been your friends. Please speak up.’ 온라인슬롯

But Heughan, 43, said he didn’t ‘fully understand’ the document’s intentions, adding that he ‘stood against terrorism and evil’ and was ‘appalled by the recent horrific actions by Hamas’. 안전공원

In a post on Twitter yesterday, the actor wrote: ‘I inadvertently signed something that does not reflect my beliefs. I believed it was a simple call for peace. It wasn’t.

Others called Ms Thunberg an ’embarrassment’ and ‘an opportunist’ for her intervention 슬롯게임

Ms Thunberg was pictured on another climate change protest yesterday, a day after being charged with a public order offence. 

The activist joined a protest outside JP Morgan demanding the bank stops funding fossil fuels. 

Along with the group Fossil Free London, she stood outside the entrance in Canary Wharf this morning.

They moved to block the entrances of the bank by sitting on the pavement chanting ‘oily money out’ and waving yellow flags and banners.

It came just one day after Thunberg was charged with a public order offence following a protest outside a central London hotel. 

Scotland Yard said protesters were asked to move from the road onto the pavement to avoid breaching the conditions on Tuesday.

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