Haiti police say Port-au-Prince city centre ‘at war’ in latest gang attacks

Spokesman Garry Desrosiers said in an interview with Radio Caraibes: “The situation yesterday was horrible. The city centre was at war.”

He said the objective was to capture Haiti’s police chief and government ministers and prevent the return of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was in Kenya to push for the UN-backed deployment of police from the East African nation to fight gangs in Haiti.

Neither the police chief nor government ministers were injured or captured during Thursday’s attacks.

As of late Friday morning, most of Port-au-Prince remained peaceful as people resumed their routines.

Meanwhile, the capital’s centre was largely deserted as most schools and businesses remained closed.

Haiti’s National Police has roughly 9,000 officers on duty at a time for a country of more than 11 million people, according to the UN. The officers are routinely overwhelmed and outgunned by powerful gangs estimated to control up to 80% of Port-au-Prince.

“The police are in need of more equipment to be able to face the situation,” Mr Desrosiers said.

He signed reciprocal agreements on Friday with Kenyan President William Ruto to try and salvage the plan to deploy Kenyan police to Haiti.

“We have been talking for months now about how civilians in Haiti and in Port-au-Prince are basically trapped by gang violence,” he told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York. 바카라 안전공원 슬롯게임

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