ITZY On Making Their Comeback With ‘Checkmate’: “It Would Be A Lie If We Said We Felt No Pressure At All”

There’s no mixing up ITZY. Known for their searing stage presence and allure, the quintet have moved gradually up into becoming one of the most unmistakable gatherings in K-pop, both outwardly and sonically. The nervy quintet paint their picture with an unmistakably striking range, unafraid to request your undivided focus. 메이저놀이터

Off stage however, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna transmit a warm, sensible energy. It’s a pre-summer evening in Seoul, South Korea when NME bounces onto Zoom with ITZY, who are in the main part of arrangements for their new smaller than expected collection, ‘Checkmate’.

“We all have developed a ton,” expresses Chaeryeong eventually during our discussion. More genuine words have never been verbally expressed: Since their presentation in 2019, ITZY have changed from unique teens into confident young ladies. They have taught self esteem as their center message all along, however it is likewise evident that they are continually going through transformation, turning out to be more cleaned, seriously trying, more at home in their own skin with each delivery. 바카라

“Our fans, my individuals, my family, they’re my inspiration” – Chaeryeong 바카라 하는법

Their most recent small scale collection – drove by the striking, vivacious ‘Shoes’ – is demonstration of that. From the get go, ITZY’s majestic visuals for the new record and single seem jumbled. All things considered, who might interface a princess-motivated idea to a couple of running shoes? Coming from a gathering so furiously dedicated to doing whatever they might want to do, however, the mixed bag of thoughts seems OK. 슬롯

“To put your own shoes on and leap out of [others’] assumptions to opportunity is the message of this track,” makes sense of Ryujin, adding that, very much like their previous title tracks, ‘Shoes’ is eventually established in the message of self-assurance. “This time, we needed to [include] opportunity in it so audience members can partake in this music all the more splendidly, and that’s just the beginning, similar to, summer!” she adds.

Yeji voices her adoration for the shining ‘Domino’, the last track on ‘Checkmate’. “This melody discusses the connection between close individuals, similar to dominoes,” she makes sense of, adding that the tune helps her to remember MIDZY, the gathering’s fanbase. In the mean time, Ryujin lets us know that her #1 track is, in all honesty ‘What I Want’. Referred to fans as one of ITZY’s more direct, determined characters, the artist and rapper’s fondness for the cheeky new B-side does not shock anyone.

“I like this melody in light of the fact that the couplet is truly alluring,” Ryujin shares, prior to getting us an unrehearsed presentation: “I understand what I need, I understand what I need/I understand what what I need,” she raps. “I love that melody.”

“With respect to me, ‘Fast drop’!” Yuna, the most youthful of the gathering, pronounces splendidly. “This melody is actually a mid year tune, as, wheeee, go hopping, similar to this,” she signals, influencing in her seat, pointing towards the roof and waving her arms, all simultaneously.

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