Jackie Kennedy’s previous DC home stirs things up around town – at a cost fit for a sovereign

You can live like American sovereignty in the capital realm of Washington, DC.

For just $26.5 million.

That is the sticker price for the offer of three Georgetown manors, which have been consolidated into one property with an all out area of 16,000 square feet.

An early Georgetown city hall leader and a previous Miss America have called one of the structures home.

Until the end of us, the photographs on the Sotheby’s posting may be all around as close as we get inside 3017, 3009 and 3003 N St. NW.

“The point of convergence (at 3017) of this celebrated bequest is a fabulous Government style home underlying the late eighteenth century which has been home to a few noticeable Americans including most strikingly First Woman Jacqueline Kennedy,” Sotheby’s says. 안전놀이터

“While holding its noteworthy polish, the bequest has been carefully changed to a cutting edge showplace embracing the greatest plan, installations, and completions. No detail was ignored,” the posting proceeds. 신규사이트

“In 2017, this house was consistently associated with 3009 and 3003 N St NW, making a really special home traversing more than 16,000 inside square feet, with 13 rooms, 13 full showers and 5 half showers.” 슬롯머신

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