Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued By the Judd Foundation. Here’s Why.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of passing off a counterfeit item as the real thing—and we’re not talking about clothes or handbags.

However, the Judd Foundation, a non-profit aiming to preserve the late artist’s legacy, filed a lawsuit suing Kardashian and furniture company Clements Design on Wednesday, in which the organization alleges that Clements Design sold the reality star “knockoff versions” of Judd’s La Mansana Table and Chair 84.

“The tables and chairs shown in the Kardashian Video are not authentic DONALD JUDD pieces,” the lawsuit says, according to the Post.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, the Judd Foundation says it tried to work with Kardashian and Clement Designs to resolve the issue. When it first learned about the video, the organization reached out to Kardashian’s publicist, who apparently apologized and offered to update the video with a retraction in the caption. The Judd Foundation wanted the video edited, though, along with a statement from Kardashian saying that the pieces were not real Judd furniture. The lawsuit says the foundation last spoke with Kardashian’s team in August 2023.

According to the lawsuit, when the Judd Foundation was speaking with Kardashian’s team a year ago, it offered to replace the table and chairs with actual Judd pieces at a discount. Now, though, with the matter escalating to the courts, it’s not quite clear whether that olive branch is still an option. 바카라 안전공원 안전공원

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