King Charles is having surgery for an enlarged prostate. Here are the warning signs and what you should do

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Everyone has experienced the urge. You’re in your car on a road trip when you suddenly feel a strong pressure in your bladder. The need to urinate becomes an inevitable interruption requiring a rush to a rest-stop bathroom. Such urges can even happen at night, disrupting vital sleep.

This rush is something that Britain’s King Charles III, admitted to a London hospital on Friday, might have encountered prior to his decision to undergo prostate surgery.Why do I feel that pressure to pee?

To assess your condition, doctors inquire about urination patterns, classify the condition’s severity, and may conduct lab tests for kidney function and prostate cancer screening. This comprehensive evaluation guides the treatment plan.

In managing an enlarged prostate, several medical options are available, each tailored to the severity of symptoms and the patient’s overall health.

It’s important to note that benign prostatic hyperplasia is not associated with prostate cancer and does not increase your cancer risk. However, the condition can make prostate cancer screening more challenging. Therefore, regular check-ups including a digital rectal exam and discussions with your health care provider are crucial for a comprehensive approach to prostate health.

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt is a urologist and robotic surgeon with Orlando Health and past president of the Florida Urological Society. 룰렛 슬롯 잭팟

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