McDonald’s hit by global outage, forcing some restaurants to shut down

Locations in Japan, China and Australia temporarily halted use of their in-store kiosks, while others reported McDonald’s app blackouts. This caused some locations to shut down their drive-thrus and others to temporarily cease operations.

On March 15, McDonald’s Australia posted on X that earlier in the day it had experienced an outage which impacted all of its restaurants, but that by late evening, most of its restaurants had reopened.

Throughout the day, people in Australia reported closed drive-thru lanes and nonfunctioning kiosks and apps.

McDonald’s Japan later said that many stores across the country had “temporarily suspended operations.”

The South China Morning Post also reported that the mobile app and self-order kiosks of McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong also broke down.

According to the SCMP, McDonald’s said on its Chinese-language Facebook page that due to a “computer system failure,” its mobile and self-ordering kiosks were not working, asking its customers to order directly at restaurant counters. Later that day, the company said the problem was fixed. 슬롯머신 안전공원 슬롯게임

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