Melaka Studio Captivates The World’s Palate With Animated Mukbang Show, Evi’s Mukbang

The MarketWatch News Division was not engaged with the production of this substance. SEOUL, South Korea, (BUSINESS WIRE) – – Melaka Studio, a Korean substance organization seeking to be the world’s ideal, has some expertise in delivering enlivened ‘Mukbang’ which is a live-streaming eating show, made as an animation. 온라인슬롯

This public statement highlights interactive media. View the full delivery here: https://www.Businesswire.Com/news/home/20221024005367/en/ Mukbang implies a web-based video broadcast in which an individual eats while collaborating with their crowd. The organization’s leader show is Evi’s Mukbang. This is an enlivened Mukbang show about Evi, the main person who is another worker at MLS, and individuals around her. As a sideline, Evi runs a YouTube video blog channel called “Evi’s Mukbang.” 안전놀이터

By day, Evi works all day at MLS and, around evening time, she proceeds as a YouTuber, a normal way of life of Age MZ. From cheeseburgers and pastries to cafeteria menus, Sushi, and Tteokbokki, there is no restriction to the assortment of food that can be presented through Evi’s Mukbang. A short Mukbang video from one to two minutes with distinctive audio effects can be delivered for all food all over the planet through the show. The show is additionally utilized in the advancement of food administration organizations and neighborhood fortes. 슬롯게임

“As the host of the show is a virtual person, there is no gamble of contention over brutality, which is the greatest benefit of this show,” said Melaka Studio Chief Kim Tae-hyeon. “Any food all over the planet can be presented through the show. We are creating happy with an objective to enter the worldwide foodservice market.” 안전놀이터

A brand new episode of The Simpsons will turn Homer and Marge into anime characters. The latest edition will change the format of the series by parodying Death Note, a Japanese anime show based on the manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This parody, which makes up just one segment of the anthology episode, will turn Homer and Marge into human characters depicted in the Japanese anime style. Korean studio DR Movie animated the segment, which has been teased in new screenshots and will air as part of the full “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” episode on Sunday, October 30. One screenshot also shows off anime Lisa and Bart, who plays the segment’s version of Death Note character Ryuk.

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