On Scottie Scheffler, his wife and 2 sweet moments that bookended Players win

“So what we talked about is that God is in control and that the Lord is leading me, and if today is my time, it’s my time. And if I shot 82 today, you know, somehow I was going to use it for His glory. Gosh, it was a long morning. It was long.”

At that latest win, we got another Scottie and Meredith glimpse. Two of ‘em. One toward the start of the action. One at the end. We’ll go in order. The first is good, if you’re into emotion. 

For a minute, he talked about Meredith. About seeing her at the end. 

Below is the video. Below that are the words on his wife.

“I just remember everybody was kind of over here and my family was back there. And so I do always remember after we got done and kind of celebrated, you know, I always look for, for them.”

Here, Scottie started to choke up. He itched his chin.

Bamberger then asked a follow-up. The response is good, if you’re into being kept humble. Below is the question. Below that is Scottie’s answer.  

“Well, I just think that I try to be as honest as I can,” Scheffler started. “This environment here, where everything’s being recorded, I think it can be a tough place to be 100 percent honest all the time. You got to be cautious and don’t want to say the wrong thing this day and age. 바카라 슬롯 슬롯머신

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