Pop star apologizes to fans after relationship reveal sparks backlash

“Please apologize directly. Otherwise, you’ll see declining album sales and empty concert seats,” it added.

And labels have reason to worry, with previous instances of angry fans turning on performers who publicize their relationships.

But this extreme loyalty also means artists and agencies are tightly tied to fan demands and desires – piling on pressure for K-pop stars under intense scrutiny.

There have been signs of change in recent years, with agencies shifting away from controversial contract terms.

The news also made waves on Chinese social media. Aespa has a sizable Chinese fanbase, in part because one of the group’s members is Chinese. And while there were messages of support there, too, there were plenty of disgruntled fans who weren’t satisfied with Karina’s apology. 안전공원

“If she really cherished (her fans), she wouldn’t have fallen in love in the first place,” one user wrote on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo. “Her apology is far from sincere and merely just a tactic to save face.  It just shows she is scared of losing fans and money. “ 바카라

Other fans pointed out that Karina’s apology hadn’t mentioned the status of her relationship – speculating that was simply confirmation they were still dating.

“What the fans really want to hear from her is that she has broken up and maintains no contact with the guy,” one Weibo user wrote. 안전공원

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