Reese Witherspoon Grossed Out A Bunch Of People By Eating Snow, But She Doesn’t Care: ‘You Only Live Once’

“We microwaved it and it’s clear,” she said in another video, appearing a bit taken aback by the criticism. “Is this bad? Am I not supposed to eat snow?”

In yet another video, she was even more defensive, saying, “We’re kind of in the category of, like, you only live once, and it snows maybe once a year here.”

In another look into the issue — there are more reports on the safety of eating snow than you’d perhaps assume — pediatrician Dr. Laura Martin said “probably not all snow” is safe, advising sticking with the “whitest, fluffiest top layer of fallen snow, furthest away from the ground.” 슬롯게임 안전공원 슬롯사이트

For the record, Witherspoon seems to have mostly scooped up that fluffy stuff at the top, not the probably more contaminated stuff towards the surface. Besides, surely many grew up eating snow on snow days, and everyone turned out fine, right? Right??

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