Roy Police Officer Found Guilty Of Child Sexual Abuse

FARMINGTON — Roy Cop Ryan A. Estes has been viewed as at real fault for physically manhandling a young lady in Clinton in 2015 despite everything has to deal with four comparative penalties in Weber Region. At the determination of a two-day second Locale Court seat preliminary in Farmington on Monday, Judge Michael DiReda tracked down Estes, 39, at legitimate fault for first-degree crime bothered sexual maltreatment of a youngster, which could convey a sentence of six, 10 or 15 years to life in jail. 온라인슬롯

In October 2021, the Davis Province Lawyer’s Office accused Estes of two counts of assault of a youngster and three counts of disturbed sexual maltreatment of a kid. He was blamed for mishandling a young lady more youthful than 14 in Clinton in 2015, and further demonstrations against that young lady and a subsequent young lady, likewise more youthful than 14, in Roy from 2016 to 2019. Charging reports said Estes stood firm on a foothold of trust over the two young ladies. 안전공원

Estes was temporarily free from jail this year when DiReda, on Sept. 2, excused the charges connected with the episodes in Roy. Safeguard lawyer Rich Gallegos had recorded a movement contending that the Farmington court was an ill-advised scene for those charges since they included occasions in Weber Province. 온라인바카라

After the excusal, four comparable charges in view of similar claims were recorded against Estes on Sept. 28 in the Ogden court of Judge Joseph Bean. A warrant for his capture was given and Estes was captured once more and set up for prison, requested held without bail. The Weber District case is currently in a pretrial stage. 안전공원

The Davis Area case went on with the solitary charge there, bringing about Monday’s decision. Estes’ status with the Roy Police Office was obscure. Official Stuart Hackworth, division representative, said Thursday evening that authorities were tending to his status and would have an assertion in no less than a little while. At the point when Estes was captured in 2021, he was placed on leave. A Roy representative said Estes had been with the division for a very long time.

In a pre-arranged explanation around then, Roy Police Boss Matthew Gwynn said the charges against Estes were outside his authority limit as a cop. He said Estes’ work would be explored as the division followed the lawbreaker case. Gallegos, Estes’ lawyer, didn’t promptly answer a solicitation for input. The cases were examined by the Clinton Police Division. The investigator on both is Matthew Janzen of the Davis Province Lawyer’s Office. He is taking care of the Roy case for the benefit of the Weber Province Lawyer’s Office, which moved to one side because of potential struggles since it had worked with Estes on Roy police cases.

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