‘Rust’ film armorer moved cocaine after police interview on day of lethal shooting, court records say

St Nick FE, N.M. — An anonymous observer has said “Rust” film armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed “moved a little pack of cocaine” subsequent to getting back from a police interview upon the arrival of the “Rust” lethal shooting, as indicated by a movement documented by examiners Thursday.

The new documenting comes after examiners last week accused Gutierrez Reed of messing with proof comparable to the shooting demise of the film’s cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, as indicated by a corrected objection recorded a week ago. The charge is notwithstanding two counts of compulsory murder documented against Gutierrez Reed recently.

“The indictment group has been in touch with an observer (hereinafter alluded to as SI) who will affirm that the respondent moved a little pack of cocaine to SI on the night of Oct. 21, 2021, after the litigant got back from her meeting at the police headquarters upon the arrival of the deadly shooting,” a state’s gone against movement to safeguard the personality of witness read.

“The conditions of the exchange of proof firmly support the charge that the respondent moved the cocaine to keep away from arraignment and keep policing acquiring profoundly inculpatory proof straightforwardly connected with the litigant’s treatment of the gun and the conditions of the lethal shooting of Halyna Hutchins,” the record added.

In the movement, the state is requesting to shield the character from the observer and other expected observers “from monetary retaliation from the entertainment world and scares, irritation, and shame from the media to the extent that this would be possible.”

“Without some assurance from the court, witnesses will be very hesitant to approach and give the honest data that is fundamental for the exceptional examiner to get equity for the casualty for this situation,” the record read.

Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer referred to the new charges as “character death.”

“A mystery witness who unexpectedly seems 20 months after the fact? Where’s the genuine proof of anything?” Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer Jason Bowles told CNN. “This is business as usual naughty, secret, inexcusable strategies from the state.” 슬롯머신

A mystery witness who unexpectedly seems 20 months after the fact? Where’s the real proof of anything? – Jason Bowles, Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer

CNN recently detailed Gutierrez Reed moved opiates to someone else “with the expectation to forestall the misgiving, arraignment or conviction of herself,” an altered objection said. 안전공원

Gutierrez Reed was reasonable hungover when she stacked a prop weapon utilized by entertainer Alec Baldwin that shot a live round of ammo during a practice, examiners claimed in an earlier court documenting. 슬롯게임

Last week her guidance answered the new charge by saying, “It is stunning that following 20 months of examination, the exceptional examiner currently tosses in a totally new charge against Ms. Gutierrez Reed, with no earlier notification or any observer proclamations, lab reports, or proof to help it.”

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