Scarlett Johansson Says She Was ‘stunned, Infuriated’ When She Heard OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice That Seemed Like Her

Entertainer Scarlett Johansson said Monday that OpenAI utilized an “frightfully comparative” voice to hers for their new ChatGPT 4o chatbot in spite of having declined the organization’s solicitation to give her voice. 안전놀이터

Prior in the day, OpenAI declared it would never again be utilizing the voice, however didn’t demonstrate why.

“Last September, I got a proposal from Sam Altman, who needed to employ me to voice the ongoing ChatGPT 4.0 framework,” Johansson wrote in an explanation, which a delegate imparted to NBC News. “He let me know that he felt that by my voicing the framework, I could overcome any barrier between tech organizations and creatives and assist shoppers with feeling OK with the seismic shift concerning people and computer based intelligence. He said he felt that my voice would be consoling to individuals.” 신규사이트

“After much thought and for individual reasons, I declined the proposition,” she proceeded. “After nine months, my companions, family and the overall population all prominent how much the most current framework named ‘Sky’ seemed like me.” 메이저사이트

OpenAI appeared its new ChatGPT 4o last week, promoting its capacity to hold discussions in voice talks, among different elements. The new tech immediately attracted correlations with the sorts of advanced artificial intelligence depicted in films, offering five voices — including “Sky.”

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