South Korea has not provided deadly weapons to Ukraine, president says – Yonhap

SEOUL, Oct 28 (Reuters) – South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said on Friday Seoul has not given any deadly weapons to Ukraine, after Russian President Vladimir Putin said such a choice would obliterate their respective relations. Putin offered the comment at a meeting in Moscow on Thursday, blaming the West for prompting the conflict in Ukraine. 바카라

“We have been in fortitude with the worldwide local area for quiet, helpful guide to Ukraine and have not given any deadly weapons, but rather that is in any respect a question of our sway,” Yoon let journalists know when gotten some information about Putin’s comment. 룰렛

A U.S. partner, South Korea has kept up with that it wouldn’t give Ukraine deadly guide, and has tried to try not to offend Russia, both for financial reasons and the impact that Moscow can apply with North Korea. 안전공원

“We are investing amounts of energy to keep up with quiet, great relations with each country on the planet, including Russia,” Yoon added. The contention, which started eight months prior with an attack by Russian powers of adjoining Ukraine, has killed thousands, dislodged millions, shaken the worldwide economy and resumed Cold Conflict time divisions. Russia considers the intrusion a “extraordinary activity”. 슬롯게임

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