Taylor Momsen gets bit by bat while opening for AC/DC: ‘I must really be a witch’

Taylor Momsen had a witchy moment during her latest performance.

The former “Gossip Girl” star and The Pretty Reckless frontwoman, 30, revealed she was bitten by a bat on her leg during her Wednesday performance while opening for AC/DC in Seville, Spain.

“So…ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT,” the singer wrote alongside a video showing off her injuries.Taylor Momsen revealed she was bit by a bat during her recent performance in Seville, Spain. Redferns “I must really be a witch,” Momsen said In a video shared to her Instagram showing the moment that it happened. Redferns

Momsen was on stage singing her band’s song “Witches Burn” at the time of the incident. 온라인카지노 안전놀이터 신규사이트

She closed her message thanking the hospital staff who gave her the nickname “Batgirl” after seeing the moment on the local news.“A bat flew onto me and held on for dear life,” Momsen said of the incident in a separate video. Instagram/@taylormomsen “I thought I lost a bracelet,” she joked, clarifying her confusion when the crowd pointed at her. Instagram/@taylormomsen

“A bat flew onto me and held on for dear life,” she clarified, adding, “He scared the s—t out of me and he wanted to be my friend.”

She went on, “All the fans kept trying to tell me. They were pointing and I didn’t know what the f—k they were saying. I thought I lost a bracelet,” she joked. “But no, it was a f—king bat hooked onto my goddamn leg.”Natasha Bedingfield commented on the singer’s latest incident, asking her, “Did it hurt?” Redferns “The bite? No. The shots? YES,” Momsen responded. Redferns

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