The first lady and the Dior bag: the scandal shaking up South Korean politics

In a poll released by a local news channel, 69% of respondents said Yoon needs to explain his position regarding the controversy around the first lady. Another poll in December showed 53% of respondents believe Kim acted inappropriately, while 27% said she was caught in a trap set up to embarrass her.

“It is a political bombshell,” said Rhee Jong-hoon, a political analyst. “The Kim Keon Hee risks are only going to get bigger.”

Loyalists of the president have dismissed the bag scandal as a smear campaign. But some members of his ruling People Power party have advocated for an apology and the party’s interim leader, Han Dong-hoon, has acknowledged that the controversy might be “a matter of public concern.”

Last week Han – who until recently served as justice minister and was widely regarded as Yoon’s closest aide – stated that while the Dior bag scandal was a “planned set-up using a spy camera … there were several misdeeds in handling the issues”.

He says he was motivated by a desire to “share advice” on matters related to unification with the current administration, and so approached first lady Kim, cultivating a relationship with her which culminated in a one-on-one meeting in 2022, just months after her husband became president. 슬롯게임 슬롯게임 슬롯머신

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