The Mona Lisa was set in this surprising Italian town, geologist claims

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa — one of the most famous paintings in the world — is shrouded in mystery; from questions around the figures identity, to her puzzling, enigmatic expression. Now, at least one of the artwork’s secrets has been revealed, according to a geologist based in Italy.

But the discovery may only lead to more mystery. If the location is Lecco, as Pizzorusso suggests, more questions remain as to why the renowned painter chose that particular spot, for this particular portrait.

“We don’t know who (Mona Lisa) is, some believe she was a rich Tuscan merchant’s wife,” she said, referring to a popular historical theory that proposes the figure was based on Italian noblewoman Lisa Gherardini. “Why did he put her in this wild, untamed environment? This is not Tuscany. What was he trying to tell us by putting this serene, enigmatic lady in this rugged, alpine environment?” Said Pizzorusso.

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