The worst-behaved tourists of 2023

Stripping off from the waist down at a sacred site. Driving a car across a medieval bridge, as fragile as it is famous. Carving your name into a world icon, and going on a punishing hike… to take illegal drugs. 안전공원

These are just some of the things tourists have got up to in 2023. They’ve damaged heritage sites, eaten endangered species, and – in the case of one couple – stolen nearly $2 million worth of wine from a Michelin-starred restaurant. They’ve (allegedly) insulted border guards, and flashed in front of kids. And when they’ve been caught out, they’ve often pleaded ignorance.

Here are 25 of the worst incidents we saw in 2023. 슬롯게임

taly has long been a center of bad behavior for tourists who treat it like a theme park, and the year kicked off in a predictably grim manner when an American was caught driving across the pedestrianized Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. Italy’s most famous bridge, built in the medieval period and then rebuilt to connect Palazzo Pitti to the Uffizi Galleries under the rule of the Medici, who lived in the former and worked in the latter, the Ponte Vecchio was allegedly so beautiful that the Germans left it intact in World War II because Hitler had fallen in love with it on a visit with Mussolini. The 34-year-old American was fined 500 euros for driving across it. 온라인슬롯

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