They’ve spent eight years traveling the world with their kids. But there’s one thing they miss

They had initially planned to spend a few months traveling, visiting Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, as well as Pacific islands Fiji and Tonga, but after briefly returning to the US, they decided that they wanted to keep going.

The family of five have traveled to more than 90 countries. – Garrett Gee/National Geographic

“When I’m traveling for a month at a time or more, I get into a groove, I get into a routine,” she says, adding that she packs more or less the same amount of items regardless of whether she’s traveling for a month, six months, or a fortnight.

She spent her entire third pregnancy “living out of a suitcase” before welcoming son Calihan in 2018.

“Kids 100% feed off of parents’ attitudes,” she says. “So when things are tiring, exhausting and stressful, you just have to buck up and be positive. Because if you’re losing it, they’re going to lose it.”

While she tries to plan for all aspects of their travels, including scheduling flights during nap times and making sure their luggage is ready, Gee’s learned from experience to always have a back-up plan.

“Things go wrong,” she says. “You lose your luggage, or a flight gets canceled. Those hiccups.

“You wake up and you don’t know what you’re going to see, and then to see these animals and wildlife and how they all live together and depend on each other. 슬롯게임 잭팟 룰렛

“It sounds so corny, but literally the circle of life. Experiencing that and witnessing that with my family is just so beautiful.”

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