This Oldest Michelin-Starred Restaurant in Belfast Is Closing Because of Soaring Costs

“Eipic as a whole wasn’t a restaurant that was dying,” Alex Greene, the executive chef, told CNN. But “people have an expectation when walking through the doors. The cost of delivering that expectation has doubled since lockdown, the cost has spiraled out of control. And we can’t double the price.” 신규사이트

Beyond the economic issues, Greene said that Eipic’s closure is also emblematic of fine dining’s changing landscape. The restaurant serves up a pretty classic high-end experience, but the chef doesn’t think that’s what diners are looking for anymore. Increasingly, Michelin-starred restaurants are more pared back and minimalistic in their appearance and preparation.

After Eipic closes, Greene and the restaurant’s general manager will move to the Mourne countryside to open a new establishment next year. There, Greene said, costs will be cheaper, and people are more willing to travel outside of major cities for good food and drinks. While quality will still be important, the meal’s value will also be top of mind. 안전놀이터

While expensive, traditional restaurants aren’t going anywhere, their dominance may be fading. 슬롯머신

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