US professional skater Zhou pummels hostile to doping framework’s disappointments in front of Valieva hearing

“Equity postponed is equity denied, and my partners and I won’t ever get back the potential for success to have before the world to praise a lifetime of difficult work coming full circle in a profession characterizing accomplishment.”

Reuters has reached the IOC, CAS and RUSADA for input. 슬롯게임

While Valieva’s hearing including RUSADA, the ISU and the World Enemy of Doping Organization (WADA) starts on Tuesday, CAS have said they can’t rest assured when a ultimate conclusion will be declared. 안전놀이터

Zhou added that the U.S. group had requested to notice the conference, however were informed that it was secret.

“We were informed that both of the elaborate gatherings could demand a formal conference, yet that neither did. Hence, the procedures will occur away from public scrutiny,” Zhou said. 신규사이트

“An open and straightforward hearing would go far towards assisting competitors with seeing any choice that is delivered.”

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