Was this 19th century portrait painter also the first celebrity stylist?

In the spring of 1888, New York socialite Eleanora Iselin welcomed the portrait artist John Singer Sargent into her home, feverish over the question of what she would wear.

Eager for her expensive and refined taste to be immortalized on canvas, Iselin instructed a maid to follow her into the drawing room carrying an armful of her best Parisian frocks. To Iselin’s horror, the renowned painter insisted on capturing what she was wearing then and there. No rosy-colored garments, no haute couture ball gown.

“He’s not just documenting what’s in front of him,” Finch told CNN. “He’s inserting himself into (the painting) in a way akin to a stylist or a fashion director.” 바카라 슬롯머신 안전공원

Sargent even commissioned the most prominent couture houses of the time to make dresses for his sitters on occasion. For the portrait of close friend Sybil Sassoon in 1922, he enlisted the help of English couturier Charles Fredrick Worth (whose label, House of Worth, was the first haute couture atelier established in Paris in 1858).

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