Why the ‘Land of Fire’ brims with formidable castles and fortresses

All left their mark on the culture, cuisine, folklore and mindset of modern Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, more tangible reminders of their presence – and power – remain in the abundance of castles, fortresses and fortified towers found all over the country, from city centers to remote mountain tops. 안전놀이터

“Azerbaijan has been at the crossroads of many trade routes in the world for thousands of years, including the Great Silk Road,” says Elchin Aliyev, a leading local architect and author who’s written a children’s book about the country’s castles. “For thousands of years, many peoples, cultures, and customs have passed through, lived and settled here.” 신규사이트

The buildings they left behind are “the visible history of our country. They are silent witnesses of many events from our rich history, both its successful periods and tragic ones,” he says. “Often, in order to understand historical events, you need to be at the place where they occurred, to feel the atmosphere of that period, mentally traveling back many centuries, as if in a time machine or on an Oriental magic carpet.” 메이저놀이터

This powerful architectural legacy remains underexplored due to Azerbaijan’s 20th-century history. “Many [castles] are abandoned, no excavations have been carried out there – during the USSR, studying the history of the national republics was not welcomed.”

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