Haley attacks Trump’s morals, age and wealth as she looks to stave off home state loss

Nikki Haley now says Donald Trump is too old, too confused, too chaotic, and too tantrum-prone to be president — and in a jab likely to especially infuriate her rival, warns he even lacks the money to mount a proper White House run.

Grouping Trump with President Joe Biden, she said it was “absurd” that the country would be stuck with two 80-year-old candidates. (Biden is 81 and Trump is 77.) She warned that Trump has had some “confused moments” in recent days, and she rebuked the ex-president for a “temper tantrum” on the night of his New Hampshire primary win when he tried to push her out of the race. In recent campaign events, Haley has also questioned Trump’s morality and capacity to tell right from wrong.

Haley is insisting that her campaign is, unlike that of DeSantis, built for a prolonged delegate fight against Trump and is pledging to stay in the race long after her home state’s Republican primary on February 24. 슬롯게임 안전공원 룰렛

“Why is the political elite pushing us to name a nominee when only two states have voted? There are 48 states and more territories that haven’t voted. In the delegate count you need 1,215 delegates. Donald Trump has 32. I have 17. Why would we stop now?” Haley asked a crowd in Hilton Head on Thursday.

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