Korea’s Foreign Residents Surpass 2 Million Again

The number of foreign residents in Korea has surpassed 2 million again after declining for 15 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Korea Immigration Service, 2.01 million foreigners live in Korea as of May, rising above the 2 million mark again after falling to 1.95 million last year. 안전놀이터

The figure peaked at 2.52 million in December 2019. There has been a marked increase in foreigners who work as researchers or developers for venture capital companies. An example is an increase in the number of foreign entrepreneurs who applied for a program supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups, which has risen from 1,515 in 2017 to 2,653 this year. 신규사이트

In the past, mostly foreigners from factories and agricultural workers lived and worked here, but now there are more and more technology professionals and white-collar workers. Oh Jung-eun of Hansung University said: “As Korea’s industrial landscape changes, the demand for talented foreign workers is increasing, while inviting foreigners into the country can help solve what is often a problem of low birth rates.” Computer programmers are another growing foreign demographic. Accelerator Future Play, which helps identify and invest in promising startups, last year hired computer developers from Burundi and also has interns from Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. At e-commerce giant Coupang, 250 of its 6,000 employees are foreigners. 슬롯머신

Large conglomerates also hire many foreigners. Samsung employs around 500 foreigners, mostly in research and development. There were 146 Indians, 84 Japanese, 61 Chinese and 49 Americans. Their cafe in Suwon serves Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian food with halal meat. Hyundai employs 70 foreigners, mostly as drivers. They include Global COO José Muñoz, who is Spanish, Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke from Belgium, and Head of Product and Strategy Thomas Schemera from Germany. 안전공원

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