Stanley Cup Craze Floods TikTok Feeds, Raises $750 Million In Revenue

Which begs the question: how has a 110-year-old company captured the attention of influencers across the social web and secured such coveted cognitive real estate in the minds of the American public with what can only be described as a big water bottle?

The more people participate, the greater the contagion. As they say, nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. The result of this can lead to significant financial gain, as evidenced in the case of Stanley.

Stanley couldn’t predict that the woman’s car would catch on fire, much like McDonald’s couldn’t predict the Grimace Shake memes. However, like McDonald’s, the brand recognized what took place and responded in a way that fanned the flames of the contagious spread. 안전놀이터

We can’t predict what happens in the messy, uncontrollable business world in which we operate, but we can respond to it. Doing so requires understanding the “social” in “social contagion” and “social media.” Doing so requires understanding people.

Stanley has done a great job creating a great product. But that has been the case for 110-plus years. My wife and I used our Stanley religiously during the pandemic to achieve our desired water intake. Its benefits weren’t new news to consumers who knew of the brand. We, the people, drove awareness and increased interest in its products. 신규사이트

Stanley understands this reality. It’s no surprise, considering its CEO was the former CMO of Crocs, whose marketing efforts also benefited from a similar social dynamic and resulted in great success for the brand. The more we understand these dynamics, the more likely we’ll be to create interventions that can catalyze them—if we’re lucky. 슬롯게임

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