Tom Voyage and Scarlett Johansson Are “Totally” Going to Star in a Task Together

At the New York City debut of Space rock City, Johansson uncovered to The Hollywood Columnist that the one entertainer she hasn’t had an opportunity to work with whom she needs to is, as a matter of fact, the Mission: Incomprehensible star.

“I’d very much want to work with Tom Voyage,” she said on the floor covering June 13, adding that somebody ought to pitch a story with both of them featuring close by one another.

“She’s astonishing,” the Top Firearm: Dissident star said of the Dark Widow entertainer. “There’s an extraordinary entertainer and a celebrity.” When asked by THR Roma’s Lorenzo Cecioni on the off chance that he figures they can star in something together, he quickly replied, “Yes. It will work out.” 안전놀이터

He proceeded, “Look, I’ve watched her vocation her entire life. She’s gigantically capable, extremely appealling. It’d be enjoyable. She could do everything. She could do satire, show, activity, tension. She’s somebody that truly attracts you on the screen, on camera. So totally, it will work out.”

Somewhere else in the meeting, Voyage made sense of that he’s for the longest time been itching to make films for crowds, film, wholesalers and large screens. 신규사이트

“I love that film insight, and this film was made for that,” he said on the floor covering. “I’ve forever been concentrating on any new projects that they have and some way that I can draw in a crowd of people and make it really engaging more vivid. See, I have for a long time needed to make motion pictures and travel the world, and to have the option to have this open door now, this is what I want to do.” 온라인슬롯

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